blog much?


Are you a blogger?

Even though I am sitting in front of my laptop writing a blog, I cannot resist asking myself these questions.  What is so cool about blogs?  What draws people’s attentionWhy DO you Blog?

Not that I’m degrading on those who do write blogs, I’m trying to seek for the purpose here.  With technology that seems to improve at a rate faster than ever, internet-based information seem to appeal more to the modern, up-to-date people.  When is the last time you’ve opened up the newspaper on the subway instead of catching up on your handy-dandy blackberry or cell phone?

Blogs are HUGE today.  Within the past couple years, it has become a huge sensation.  It’s a form of communication internationally throughout the globe.  People express their opinions and share them with others around the world with similar interests.  Blogs are just as popular as radios were in the 80’s.   Writers don’t write on papers and publish hard copies of their works anymore; they TYPE!  And who says writers should be adults?  Modern writers vary from young and fresh pimply students to hip grand-daddies.  The best part about blogging is that it’s so EASY!  Once you log into EduBlog or WordPress and click on ‘create blog‘, tada~~~ you’ve got your own blog.

My only concern with writing blogs would be the actual posting of the blog.

It’s not as easy as it seems to click the “PUBLISH” button after I’m finished with my writing.  Worries come before excitement of publishing it to world viewers.  Questions like, ‘who would care to read my blog posts?’ or ‘is this really interesting?’ pop up unconsciously.  Then it got me thinking: who am I writing for?  To be honest, I don’t know.  I’m just writing what I feel like writing and what I like to write about.  If there are people out there who share common interests with me and agree with my ideas? AWESOME!  Be my guest 🙂

I don’t think everything needs significant purpose to start out with.  Blogging is just like writing diary entries; the only difference is that you’re writing for a larger audience.  The world is complicated enough for what it is already.  Sometimes just doing it seems easier than hesitating over it (unless it involves some “eewy” in any shape or form).  Pressing the “PUBLISH” button might be a good start.


One Response to “blog much?”

  1. I’m coming up on 3 years of having a blog and I agree with you that there is always a pause before I hit ‘publish’.

    But why do I blog? Well, the main reason is that my blog is a thinking and learning space for me… my own personal space that I just so happen to share with the rest of the world, (should they choose to look). To me, my blog is more than a personal diary, by thinking, learning and sharing on my blog I create ‘conversations’. I’m in the suburbs of Vancouver, BC, Canada right now and yet I’m a ‘submit’ click away from ‘speaking’ to you despite our geographical distance. In that way we are connected learners… connected because we blog.

    So, keep hitting that ‘Publish’ button! 🙂

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