eyelid holder


Today just happens to be one of those days where I need to stay up late.   I’ve got homework, tests to prepare for, assignments, and writing blogs of course!


There sure are days when you feel as if you can stay up for as long as it takes, but then there are days when you want to snuggle up in your bed.  What would you do to stay up late?  What kind of methods or even tools does it take for you to stay up? Most people drink coffee, but my little secret is CHOCOLATE (unfortunately, having too much can contribute to your weight :S).  The caffeine seems to keep me awake for enough to finish most of my work 😛 I eat those bitter ones that make you frown, since those are the only ones that help me stay up late.

Sometimes, your eyes close unconsciously along with your big head that tilts downward at first, then falls on the desk after a couple minutes. These are the days when I do feel the extreme need of those toothpick-looking pillars that help your eyes to stay open.

Perhaps, it’s not good to stay up late all the time.  For teenagers like me, growing is essential, but lack of sleep can cause either the pace of growth or the process of it.

Any advice to what better methods out there to stay up late?


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