yummy tummy


So, how shall I start this blog post?  I just find out an ‘unusual‘ fact from All Natural, Single Mothering 101, from this article.  I’m pretty convinced that not many of us are aware of this fact…

Let me give you the scenario and then you can judge it for yourself.

Your close neighbor just had their first child and they’re happier than ever.  Of course, you, the nice neighbor, go over to their place to congratulate the new mommy and daddy.  As a sign of appreciation, they serve you dinner with some good looking meat.

Then you ask, “Mmmm~~ yummy.  What type of meat is this?  I shall cook it sometime myself.”

Then they say, “well~~ I’m not sure if you’ll be able to find this meat.”

“What do you mean?” You reply with the invisible question mark above your head.

The new mom responds, “the meat that we’re serving you is my PLACENTA!!!!!”

If this were to happen to me, I would first put my fork down.  The first word that would pop up on my head would be… “GROSS!!!”  I’m still not fully convinced that people should eat their own placenta, but the article does a really good job stating the significance of the feast.

According to the article, “people being grossed out by this is mostly just fear of the unknown.”  I absolutely agree.  Often lack of knowledge is what hinders us from really exploring this world.  Their are over 280 countries in this world, and they all have different and distinctive cultures that make them stand out.  Perhaps, this is just another practice that has spread out to other countries.


However, there are countless skeptics on this idea.  Although no killing is involved, some question whether this is a matter of cannibalism.  Sure enough!  The placenta comes from human flesh, and if it’s served as meat, I don’t see why this can’t be considered as some type of form of cannibalism.  Such culture is not widely accepted in the world.  So far, humans are more used to eating chicken, cows, pigs, and other animals.

What do you think of the new placenta diet?


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