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The second I woke up today, I knew that I wanted a traditional American breakfast menu like french toast, PB&J sandwich, waffles, or even simple scones.  The bad news was that none of them were available at home.  No where in the house were there any left over bread of bake-mix that I could use […]


the pink swirl


Glad that the weather’s getting warmer these days.  It’s time for some warm breeze!! Smoothies.. the perfect chill on a hot Summer day. The best part of smoothies have got to be the fruits that you put in it. Here’s a hardy and refreshing recipe for Banana and Strawberry Smoothie, the “Pink Swirl“. I tried […]

While browsing through NY Times, I came a cross a ‘funny’ article. An argument between a passenger and a flight attendant from a plane over whether to eat chicken or beef led to a serious federal case. “Would you like chicken, or beef?” the flight attendant asked, the good-old common question on a flight. “Chicken,” […]

invisible food


“No!! I gained 10 pounds only within a month. What am I going to do to lose all the fat? You know what, I’m not going to eat until I go back to my initial weight.” It’s a pretty common statement spoken whenever one goes on a scale, seeing the needle point higher numbers can […]

Are you a Krispy Kreme lover?  If you are one, I’m sure you’ll agree with this scenario below 🙂 “The RED LIGHT is ON!” I yell aloud in the car. “What red light? What do you mean, sweetheart?” my parents ask with their raised eyebrows. “Th..the RED LIGHT, Krispy Kreme! The RED LIGHT is on! […]

My nose can always tell whenever my Mom makes these colourful Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies. The sweet and slightly buttery aroma fills the whole house as the marshmallows slowly started to melt on the stove. Biting into the Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies meant everything to me as a little girl who simply loved all types of foods. […]

Yum~ Big Macs… one bite is all it takes until you can see my face grin. The succulent (on unlucky days, it may be slightly dry) meat (I’m hoping it’s real meat) makes all of your taste buds stand up while the creaminess of cheese slowly melts in your mouth.  To add more to that, […]