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Today just happens to be one of those days where I need to stay up late.   I’ve got homework, tests to prepare for, assignments, and writing blogs of course! There sure are days when you feel as if you can stay up for as long as it takes, but then there are days when you […]


I don’t know about you, but my desk lately, hasn’t been the cleanest for a while. There are approximately 7 pens lying on the desk, 4 pencil cases, 2 lotion bottles (??), a bunch of markers, a timer, a headphone set, a calender, and even a mosquito spray.  Am I embarrassing myself a little too […]

This is my geography project that I had to do last summer.  I found it while searching for something else 😛 I edited “THE INCREDIBLES” clip and made a brief documentary of Costa Rica.  Not sure if this serves a significant educational value, but quite entertaining, no??? Enjoy!

I had my camera with me all day, but never got the chance to take photos of my supper.  That was my initial purpose.  I was going to take a bunch of tasty photos and upload a post about it, but I was too caught up with eating. Fortunately, when I was at the subway […]

Tomorrow’s the day of an interview at school.  The lesson is to pretend that we, the high school students, are applying for real-life jobs with proper resumé and of course, a professional interview. I don’t like the fact that my face becomes as red as red cherries and heats up like hot packs when I’m […]

blog much?


Are you a blogger? Even though I am sitting in front of my laptop writing a blog, I cannot resist asking myself these questions.  What is so cool about blogs?  What draws people’s attention?  Why DO you Blog? Not that I’m degrading on those who do write blogs, I’m trying to seek for the purpose […]

Dramas, dramas, dramas!! The more I watch these sopoperas, the further I seem to stray away from reality.  One of the most popular dramas in Korea at the moment is ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ – a remake of popular Japanese young-romance comic series. It illustrates the fantasy-like happenings at a private high school involving a new […]

Do vegetarians eat ANIMAL CRACKERS? The good old joke continues.  Jokes like these just crack me up 🙂  What else is there to do but laugh? Just in case you want this question clarified, As tricky as it may be to answer, my response to it is YES!  It’s true that those crackers are in […]