a big-mac without the meat


Yum~ Big Macs… one bite is all it takes until you can see my face grin.


The succulent (on unlucky days, it may be slightly dry) meat (I’m hoping it’s real meat) makes all of your taste buds stand up while the creaminess of cheese slowly melts in your mouth.  To add more to that, the slight crunch from lettuce and pickles top all the other menus.  The whole point of the Big Mac is the extra slice of bread in the middle, and the extra piece of patty right in between soft and warm hamburger bread.

People love this satisfying bite of heaven not only for its taste, but for its price, too!  Since when do meals that contain protein, carb, calcium, fiber, and sesame seeds as garnish on top all at the same time, come under the price of $5?  Well… not many.  If there’s one nutrition fact missing on this list, OMEGA-3 might be the answer.  Are you confused?

It’s a worldly known fact that OMEGA-3 is very beneficial for our health, yet it’s quite hard to find it in burgers or any other quick set of meals (not that there are much of other nutrition factors…).  I found the one and only burger that will let you reach the ‘daily recommended consumption‘ of OMEGA-3.



This will definitely make sure you consume enough OMEGA-3.

I got a little carried away talking about OMEGA-3, but what I really wanted point out from this burger is its price.  As you may have imagined, the  main ingredient of this burger is… yes: caviar.  A perfect combination between red caviar and regular black caviar.  Should I say yum~ or… fishy? This isn’t one of those everyday-drive-through burgers; more like once in a life time!

How much do you think this burger would cost?

Even in supermarkets, black caviar is sold in small amounts and costs MORE than a gallon of gas.  I know the suspense is killing you, so I’ll reveal the price.

$1,200 USD+ $11.9 USD = $1211.90

Do you still want a bite off of that?

I guess it won’t be too fun finishing up this burger.  It will definitely be juicy, but yucky-juciy type of burger.  Of course, this isn’t sold at normal stores or even restaurants, but it was nice to see what kind of burgers there are out in the world.


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