miles away from reality


Dramas, dramas, dramas!!

The more I watch these sopoperas, the further I seem to stray away from reality.  One of the most popular dramas in Korea at the moment is ‘Boys Over Flowers‘ – a remake of popular Japanese young-romance comic series. It illustrates the fantasy-like happenings at a private high school involving a new girl at the school and the ‘F4’, the four gorgeous guys.  This sentimental series has already succeeded in not only Japan, but also in China like one massive storm.  Its anticipated arrival in Korea has captivated thousands of fans within no time.


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The Korean version of “Boys Over Flowers” aired first on January 5th, 2009 and has been under the spot light ever since.  Although only 9 episodes has been televised, it has gained over 30% of Korean viewers over other competing dramas.  Its popularity currently is sky-rocking and it seems as if it’ll maintain its status at the top for a while.

The female character, like in all Cinderella stories, is hated by the fellow girls, yet loved and cared by the hot guys.  How unfair can the world get?  Also, is it just me or does it seem as if all those good looking guys always say the most romantic things to the girl that they just can’t get enough of?  Yeah, it’s all just a fantasy, but would it kill for someone in real life to say those things?

It’s fascinating how quickly one can get into these dramas.  That’s one of the things I hate most about them.  Once you start watching, you just can’t stop.  Especially when watching online, I can’t resist clicking on the next episode.  Then the next thing I know is that I’ve spend the whole day on my chair with bunch of junk food lying around the computer desk.  As much as I hate seeing that occur to me, it’s impossible to get the drama off of my head.  At least during the time the show airs, it’s almost as if I’m living where the characters live.  Everyday I’d daydream about how it’d be like if I were the main character getting all the attention.

Other favorite shows of mine include, ‘My Lovely Sam-Soon‘, ‘Full House‘, and ‘My Girl‘.

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The above three contain similar plot line, yet everyone watches with knowing the fact that the not-so-pretty and often dull-looking girl will win it all.  These Korean dramas with the typical happy-ending outline gained tremendous popularity in Japan, China, Philippines, Singapore, and other fellow Asian countries just as ‘Boys Over Flowers’ has impacted Korea.  It’s said that China has made a remake of ‘My Lovely Sam-Soon’ and Hollywood is preparing one of their own as well.


I’ve seen other mini-series of dramas that pretty much deal with the same topic: the typical Cinderella StoryThe poor girl gets it all.  I complain while watching the show about how unrealistic it is, yet the more I complain, the more I think about it, and the more I get absorbed into the abstract world far, far, far from reality.  The audience are not only in love with the plot, but also the casts of the drama.  Then, REALITY CHECK!!! Is everyone smart enough to say the perfect lines at the perfect moments?  Is everyone handsome, pretty, tall, and skinny like the ones on television?  Is everyone guaranteed to live a happily-ever-after life once they meet their Prince Charming?

The answer to these questions are the same: NO!

Getting caught into these fanciful notion happens with a sanp, and we all struggle to escape from it once the show is over.  What’s even worse is that this sort of cycle continues every time new dramas start. But then again, these unrealistic, fantasy-like, fairy-tale stories povide visuals of our innocent hopes.  The things that we wish would happen in our lives at least come true in dramas.

Then, is it good to watch these dramas and step away from reality once in a while?  Perhaps, imaginative getaways are necessary in life as long as you have the ticket to return to reality.


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  1. 1 lporter

    Your take a break idea is intriguing, especially considering the justification of your first post. Interesting to see the larger theme considerations at the end of each post.

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