chicken or beef… important?


While browsing through NY Times, I came a cross a ‘funny’


An argument between a passenger and a flight attendant from a plane over whether to eat chicken or beef led to a serious federal case.“Would you like chicken, or beef?” the flight attendant asked, the good-old common question on a flight.

“Chicken,” Mr. Delis answered.

However, by the time the attendant reached Mr. Delis, the cart ran out of chicken, thus she replied by saying, “sorry, we only have beef left.”

Then Mr. Delis shouted allowed complaining why she would ask him ‘chicken or beef’ when there’s only beef left.

When I first read it, I thought this case was quite ridiculous.  Honestly, who makes a fuss over airline menu?  To me, both chicken and beef taste equally ‘not-good‘.  They’re not bad, but not necessarily something I would crave for.  As interesting it is to see someone make a big deal out of this issue, it’s even more amazing to see someone take it even further to a lawsuit. Unfortunately, Mr. Delis lost the case, but he said that he was willing to take it all the way to the end to win it.

On the other hand, this unique matter is reasonable up to a certain degrees.  Why would someone ask for chicken OR beef when there’s only beef?  That’s like giving false hope to a chicken lover.

This made me realize once again, the world is a big place with the most unthinkable events occurring here and there.  I’m happy to be a part of this place 🙂


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