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The second I woke up today, I knew that I wanted a traditional American breakfast menu like french toast, PB&J sandwich, waffles, or even simple scones.  The bad news was that none of them were available at home.  No where in the house were there any left over bread of bake-mix that I could use […]


yummy tummy


So, how shall I start this blog post?  I just find out an ‘unusual‘ fact from All Natural, Single Mothering 101, from this article.  I’m pretty convinced that not many of us are aware of this fact… Let me give you the scenario and then you can judge it for yourself. Your close neighbor just […]

eyelid holder


Today just happens to be one of those days where I need to stay up late.   I’ve got homework, tests to prepare for, assignments, and writing blogs of course! There sure are days when you feel as if you can stay up for as long as it takes, but then there are days when you […]

I don’t know about you, but my desk lately, hasn’t been the cleanest for a while. There are approximately 7 pens lying on the desk, 4 pencil cases, 2 lotion bottles (??), a bunch of markers, a timer, a headphone set, a calender, and even a mosquito spray.  Am I embarrassing myself a little too […]

are you moody?


Life’s often too much to take it seriously.  We really need some time for a laugh. Some people seem to be afraid to have fun or enjoy various things in life.  Look around, take a break, and just laugh! Here are some “useless” facts from JUST READ AND LAUGH! 🙂 FUN RANDOM FACTS 1-10 […]

the pink swirl


Glad that the weather’s getting warmer these days.  It’s time for some warm breeze!! Smoothies.. the perfect chill on a hot Summer day. The best part of smoothies have got to be the fruits that you put in it. Here’s a hardy and refreshing recipe for Banana and Strawberry Smoothie, the “Pink Swirl“. I tried […]