This is my geography project that I had to do last summer.  I found it while searching for something else 😛

I edited “THE INCREDIBLES” clip and made a brief documentary of Costa Rica.  Not sure if this serves a significant educational value, but quite entertaining, no???



I had my camera with me all day, but never got the chance to take photos of my supper.  That was my initial purpose.  I was going to take a bunch of tasty photos and upload a post about it, but I was too caught up with eating.

Fortunately, when I was at the subway station, I decided to RECORD my trip back home.

I’ve never done it before, so the film is quite blurry, but it sure captures the business and hecticness of the night at Seoul, Korea.

Gang-nam, Seoul

take urban


Starbucks, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Timothy’s, Tim Hortons (if your a Canadian, you’d know what i’m talking about :)….

(have you ever noticed that these logos are look similar??? )

These places are some of my favortie ‘chill-out-at’ cafés.  They’ve got great drinks, cakes, sandwiches, and I love the coffee aroma that you instantly smell once you go into one of them.  Also, these places are found all over the world.  When is the last time you’ve traveled to another country and didn’t see Starbucks??  Convenient, tasty, relaxing… there seems to be nothing else I’d want (other than the rising prices these days.. :P)

Just last weekend, here in Seoul, Korea, I found another great café called, ‘Take Urban‘.

take urban, seoul

It’s too bad that I thought of taking photos after I finshed my brownie… (there was only one piece left.. :()

last piece of brownietake out

The interior inside was fresh and new.  Totally different from Starbucks or Coffee Bean.  It was more elegant rather than the cosy and warm feeling. (Not very good at taking photos, so they turned out quite blurry)

tasty bread counter

pretty ceiling

front door

Next time I visit, I’ll make sure to take better photos with full piece of brownie and drinks.  But one thing is for sure: this is one of my new favorite places.

While browsing through NY Times, I came a cross a ‘funny’


An argument between a passenger and a flight attendant from a plane over whether to eat chicken or beef led to a serious federal case.“Would you like chicken, or beef?” the flight attendant asked, the good-old common question on a flight.

“Chicken,” Mr. Delis answered.

However, by the time the attendant reached Mr. Delis, the cart ran out of chicken, thus she replied by saying, “sorry, we only have beef left.”

Then Mr. Delis shouted allowed complaining why she would ask him ‘chicken or beef’ when there’s only beef left.

When I first read it, I thought this case was quite ridiculous.  Honestly, who makes a fuss over airline menu?  To me, both chicken and beef taste equally ‘not-good‘.  They’re not bad, but not necessarily something I would crave for.  As interesting it is to see someone make a big deal out of this issue, it’s even more amazing to see someone take it even further to a lawsuit. Unfortunately, Mr. Delis lost the case, but he said that he was willing to take it all the way to the end to win it.

On the other hand, this unique matter is reasonable up to a certain degrees.  Why would someone ask for chicken OR beef when there’s only beef?  That’s like giving false hope to a chicken lover.

This made me realize once again, the world is a big place with the most unthinkable events occurring here and there.  I’m happy to be a part of this place 🙂

invisible food


No!! I gained 10 pounds only within a month. What am I going to do to lose all the fat? You know what, I’m not going to eat until I go back to my initial weight.”’s a pretty common statement spoken whenever one goes on a scale, seeing the needle point higher numbers can often freak people out. I guess I’m one of those ‘self-conscious’ people when it comes to weight. Although I try to maintain my physique, the thought of not eating have never crossed my head. Why starve when there’s a better alternative?

Not eating will make one lose weight for sure, but honestly, starving is one of the hardest things to do. Would you want to risk going through the silent pain just to lose a couple pounds? It may make you feel good for a couple of days thinking that you’re losing weight, but what’s next?

Just a little more. Weighing a little less than now isn’t going to make much of a difference,”

is the phrase that leads to the entrance of ‘good-bye food’. Once you reach the goal weight, stop and try to maintain it from there. The photos of stick-figured models in magazines are just fantasies, but the society has somehow brainwashed the world to believe that that’s the stereotypical look of a person. Believe it or not, this has caused a great damage to young teenage girls thinking that they must look like those models. This led to the issue of anorexia and bulimia, bringing up major concerns for the girls.

Influential people like Tyra Banks and Oprah Winfrey have done shows based on this topic and told the girls how to improve their self-esteem based on their appearances. Those two women have played major roles in helping the girls and have made a big difference towards the matter as well. conclusion is to eat healthy by making smart choices. Starving is too much of a suffering for food lovers like me. I rather eat vegetables and low calorie food than quit eating. Although eating vegetables, fruits, and grains are very beneficial for health, that’s not the solution that common people turn to when trying to lose weight. Healthy foods simply don’t taste good. But, there are many cookbooks (recipes) and TV shows today that show examples of living a lean and healthy life by turning the tasteless foods into delicious and low fat meals. You’ll be surprised by how good vegetables can taste.

Are you a Krispy Kreme lover?  If you are one, I’m sure you’ll agree with this scenario below 🙂

The RED LIGHT is ON!” I yell aloud in the car.

“What red light? What do you mean, sweetheart?” my parents ask with their raised eyebrows.

“Th..the RED LIGHT, Krispy Kreme! The RED LIGHT is on! We can get free hot doughnuts if we go in now!”

Yes, Krispy Kreme doughnuts are greasy, fattening, and unhealthy, but they are just too tasty to stay away from. Of course, having these often would be bad, but once in a while, don’t you think that you deserve delightful treats like these? Look at them, they’re so pretty, shiny, perfect in shape. They’re edible jewels! How can you say no to heavenly halos like the Krispy Kreme doughnuts?

I usually get very inpatient when watching the doughnuts being made through the see-through glass window at the store. The machine releases four raw ringed-doughnuts at a time into the puddle of oil. Once they are fried on both sides, they go through what I like to call, the ‘sugary glaze fall‘. Coating front and back, all over the freshly fried doughnuts. Then they cool down for a bit until the coating hardens and then… Into my big mouth it goes!!! I love it when I get to taste the fresh doughnuts.

Out of all the fantastic doughnuts that Krispy Kreme sells, the ‘original glaze’ has to be everyone’s favourite, including me

But, besides the delicious original glazed, I fell in love in another variation of Krispy Kreme here in Seoul, Korea. The PINK STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE DOUGHNUTS.

It is filled with cheesecaky goodness that leads me right to heaven. I don’t think it’s out in many other franchises, but I sure am lucky to be living in a country that has it.

doughboy.jpgMy nose can always tell whenever my Mom makes these colourful Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies. The sweet and slightly buttery aroma fills the whole house as the marshmallows slowly started to melt on the stove. Biting into the Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies meant everything to me as a little girl who simply loved all types of foods. I love the way it filled my mouth completely with its sweet and juicy flavour. Sweet marshmallows and just crunchy cornflakes coming together was unbelievably good.

“Mom, what are you making?”, I ask even if I know what she is making. I want to make sure that the tasty Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies would soon be in my mouth.

A bright smile appears on my face as my Mom answers, “Your favourite, Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies, sweetie.”

cooking_with_kids_600.jpgI remember running into the kitchen to observe every move my Mom made just to see what kinds of food she added to the tasty treat. She would add a bowl full of colourful marshmallows and a bowl full of cereal. I used to snack on the ingredients that were prepared while my Mom wasn’t watching. Once the marshmallows go on to the stove, I’d just stare at it until it melts completely and the cereal is added. My Mom would mix the two together and scoop them up in the end. Eating the slightly warm and chewy chunks of Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies off the spoon would always make my day.

Now that I come to think of it, seeing my Mom in the kitchen often as a child led me to have an interest in food. It’s definitely a strong possibility because I still remember standing up on a chair near my Mom whenever she used to cook for the family. I also helped her out frequently in the kitchen while she tried new recipes and prepared meals.

images.jpegWhen I started school, I used to prepare simple snacks for myself and spend a lot of time at the kitchen. Of course, I needed help from my Mom or even my Dad with lots of things, but when I became a 6th grader, my passion for food truly opened up. I not only made snacks, but also prepared meals and desserts and all sorts of things. I spent time watching the Foodnetwork Channel all day long and tried suggested recipes and created some of my own. But, this is a story for another day…

Here’s the recipe for the delicious Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies!!!


Cornflake Marshmallow Krispies is another variation of Rice Krispies, but better!


Yield: 15 pieces


200g of Colourful Marshmallow (any types of marshmallows will work)

2 tbsp of Cooking Oil & 2 tbsp of Margarine (can replace Margarine with Butter)

5 cups of Not-Sweet Cornflake (can replace Cornflake with Rice Crispy Cereal)


1 tbsp of Shredded Unsweetened Coconut

1/4 cup of Chopped Walnuts

How to Make It:

1. In a large pot, melt cooking oil and margarine over low heat


2. Prepare a large baking sheet and cover it with a parchment paper

3. Stir in the marshmallows until they melt completely (stir the marshmallows constantly so that they don’t get stuck on the pot)

dsc02477.jpg » dsc02479.jpg

4. Add cornflakes (and the optional ingredients) into the pot and fold the mixture until the cornflakes are fully coated with marshmallows

dsc02480.jpg » dsc02482.jpg

5. Turn off the heat

6. Scoop the warm mixture with an ice cream scoop and place them on the prepared baking sheet


7. Let it cool completely (can put it in the freezer for some time to make the process faster)


8. Enjoy!