so why do you want this job?


Tomorrow’s the day of an interview at school.  The lesson is to pretend that we, the high school students, are applying for real-life jobs with proper resumé and of course, a professional interview.

I don’t like the fact that my face becomes as red as red cherries and heats up like hot packs when I’m put into these type of situations.  I try my best to make eye contact with the interviewer and be as calm as possible, but that’s not always one of the easiest things to do.  It feels awkward to stare at someone’s eyes for enough time to convince him/her that you are fit for the job you’ve applied for.  It’s almost as if you never stop looking at the person right in the eye!

One good thing about dreadful interviews is how fun it could actually be.  Once I calm down and breathe through the first couple nerve racking minutes, I concentrate better and become more enthusiastic.  I heard some real-life interviewers ask some real odd questions.

For example,

Which animal would you like to be if you were to be born again?

or better yet,

There are three objects in front of you: a leaf, a basketball, and a bottle of water.  Which one would you choose and why?

It’s often quite impressive how people answer these unexpected questions, but it’s even more impressive to see how people even came up with those questions.

This is a funny clip from YouTube of a somewhat overly-enthusiastic interview.

I have my fingers crossed that things will go smoothly tomorrow!!  Well, as long as I don’t end up in a place like the video below, I’m sure everything will be fine:)


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