do vegetarians eat animal crackers?


Do vegetarians eat ANIMAL CRACKERS?

animal crackers

The good old joke continues.  Jokes like these just crack me up 🙂  What else is there to do but laugh?

Just in case you want this question clarified,

As tricky as it may be to answer, my response to it is YES!  It’s true that those crackers are in shape of cute, innocent animals, but I can bet you they’re 100% meat-free.  If vegetarians don’t (or couldn’t) eat those soft-yet-somewhat-crunchy- mouthwatering-delicately-sweet-tasting animal-shaped crackers, they’re missing out.  Then unless you’re a cannibal, you shouldn’t be eating gingerbread-man cookies either.


Statements like these are cliché, but people are drawn to it because it’s a temporary getaway from the complexity of modern society.  The world today is so uptight that it doesn’t allow any space for a break.  It tends to focus on serious issues and mostly, the negative facets of the current community.  It’s comprehensible how those matters should be discussed in order to prevent further leading to one massive disaster.  However, one can’t be solemn all the time.  Everyone needs time for a joke or even a laugh.   According to, tons of benefits are brought by one single laughter; for example:

  • reduce stress
  • lower blood pressure
  • elevate mood
  • boost immune system
  • improve brain functioning
  • protect the heart
  • connect you to others
  • foster instant relaxation
  • make you feel good

Minuscule and miscelaneous things in the world, sometimes, can bring a big smile on your face unconsciously.  As said before, we all need a break at least once in a while.  Kids have recess while adults have coffee break.  In this confind space, the type of break or leisure time isn’t what matters, but the factor that lets you breathe.


One Response to “do vegetarians eat animal crackers?”

  1. 1 sunh10

    stephanie : )
    i love this blog entry
    i totally agree and it made me laugh!
    we should have a recess just like adults having coffee breaks
    and i want your blog page to be that recess place for u!

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